Independent Reviews of Insurance Brokers

Choosing an insurance broker is an important decision. At our insurance reviews centre you can read unbiased reviews about local companies to help you make better choice. If you are already a client, share your positive or negative expirience with others by writing an independent review about your insurer on our board.

Latest Reviews

Excellent service. Greg at Central Insurance sorted my insurance quickly and at a good price.

Clarke Williams provided brilliant advice and service not only saving me money but highlighting several areas where I had no insurance and could have been in trouble in the event of a claim. Very friendly and as they were local I arranged for them to visit my home and discuss my insurances

Excellent service and advice. Clarke Williams brokered my contents and buildings insurance and secured me great coverage at excellent value. They provide quotes extremely quickly and will be able to advise on what cover you actually require.

I spent so long trying to get quotations for my business online, when I realised that I wasn't able to get what I wanted I rang many of the "direct insurers" that advertise everywhere - what a waste of time that was!. These direct insurers just seem to use staff that have a script and know