Sportscover is one of the world's leading sports insurance underwriters, with an accredited broker network stretching across the globe and dealing in accident, liability, property and contingency insurances for sport. Led by Peter Nash, Managing Director, Sportscover was established initially, in Australia in 1986, when a small group of active sports people in the insurance industry became frustrated by the lack of quality insurance for active sporting participants including players, administrators, coaches and officials.

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Venue Rating Agency (VRA) are experts in providing inspection services for playing surfaces, sports buildings (clubhouses, stadia) and surrounding public areas. We also deliver risk management presentations as part of our ongoing commitment to increase awareness of the need for good risk management practice in relation to sport. VRA provides numerous services in risk management to many of the key stakeholders in sport including local councils, sporting clubs and associations, schools as well as the insurance sector.

Sportscover offers customers access to interpreter services from accredited language practitioners. If you need access to an interpreter, please contact your Sportscover team member directly and they will arrange this for you where possible. If you would like to use an interpreter when contacting us, you can call Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) on 131 450 to arrange this. If you have a speech or hearing impairment and need help to make or receive phone calls, you can contact the National Relay Service for assistance.

Sportscover is an experienced sport and leisure service provider, combining unrivalled knowledge and expertise to a range of services across insurance, risk management and media. It is our passion for sport and leisure together with our focus on providing excellent customer service that has enabled Sportscover to grow to become the force in sport and leisure services that it is today. With offices in London, Sydney, Melbourne and partners worldwide, we have the global reach and knowledge to provide the right solution for any sports and leisure business and activities.

If you wish to make a complaint to Sportscover in relation to our products or quality of service, or for any other reason, please follow the Step by Step procedure outlined below. If you wish to make a complaint about Sportscover in relation to our service or products or for any other reason, you may refer your complaint in writing or over the phone to theInternal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Departmentfor review. Upon receiving your complaint, the IDR Department will provide a written response to you within 15 business days.

Monitor the progress of your claim by entering your Claim Number and Internet Access PIN in the Claims Progress Login. You should have received claim number and Internet Access PIN, if you have not please contact us. Contact details will be found on the insurance documentation that was forwarded to you by your broker, either when you first arranged insurance or alternatively at the date of the last renewal. If you have a new Personal Injury, or your Property has been damaged or if your actions have brought about an injury to a another person or to property, you will need to contact your broker and request a claim form.

As a niche insurer, our brokers and clients expect us to have the specialist knowledge and expertise to provide the right solution to their insurance needs. Keeping up to date with knowledge and trends in sport and leisure and applying high professional standards have been key reasons why Sportscover has, historically, maintained a client retention rate of approximately 90%. Our policies are designed by sports people for sports people and the business in which they operate. We also provide risk management advice, marketing support services and other related services to sport.