tgic issue bonds for more travel organisers than any other insurer, and we are the only UK authorised insurer formed specifically to provide bonding to the travel industry. We attribute our success in this niche market both to the strength of our product and the breadth of our industry knowledge. Over the twenty years we have been operating in the UK travel market we have gained a wealth of experience - experience that can be shared making tgic an ideal partner in the modern insurance market.

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  • Central London

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  City City of London
  Postcode EC2N 1HQ
  Address Tower 42/International Financial Centre/25 Old Broad St
  Phone Number 0845-345-6078

From Our Website

Travel & General Insurance Services Limited (t&g) is the largest provider of Travel Bonds in the UK and Irish travel market and also offers various forms of financial protection insurance and other travel related products. Travel organisers in the UK are required by law to provide financial protection for their customers' prepayments in respect of 'package' holidays. Bonding is recognised by the regulatory authorities as the most effective means of providing this consumer protection. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requires that a bond is in place as a condition of granting an ATOL to all travel organisers which have been trading for under four years, or which do not meet their criteria, and many other regulatory associations insist on a bond as a condition of membership.