Founded in 1996 by Keven A Bentley, our Chairman and CEO, we are a UK and International Lloyd's Broker focused on niche markets. Our business has been built on the specialist knowledge of our team and the majority of the income we place falls under various binders and facilities. We are a registered Lloyd's broker and authorised by the Financial Services Authority. We are also members of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA).

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With many years experience in the London Market, Keith Cordwell and his team specialise in the design and placement of North American Programmes. These encompass binding authorities (full delegated authority), limited binding authorities (delegated documentation) and Lineslips (vehicles for the placement of specific classes of business). The team have developed excellent long-standing relationships with a selection of clients over a great many years. They travel to the USA and Canada to visit clients to ensure that their special requirements are met and ensure that the account is serviced efficiently.

In today's modern and fast changing insurance market it is essential that the processing and servicing of insurance contracts is carried out efficiently and correctly to the latest standards. Lonsdale Insurance Brokers Limited has a dedicated team to ensure premiums are processed to Insurers within agreed terms; the speedy issuance of contract documentation to our clients and the resolution of any subsequent queries. The department ensures all market changes and new standards are implemented across the company and works very closely with our accounts department and all broking areas.

Our International Property & Casualty team is led by Keith Cordwell who has over 31 years' experience in the International London insurance and reinsurance market. Marketing into London, Bermuda and Europe the International team have enjoyed great success, particularly with the harder to place / catastrophe exposed risk. Whether this is for the hospitality industry, infrastructure or manufacturing, they can design and place coverage for individual risks on a Primary or Excess of Loss, on a direct or reinsurance basis as required.

Lonsdale understand their Clients need to have a prompt and efficient claims service. As such we have established an experienced claims team to ensure that all claims are presented in a manner which recognises this. From first advice to resolution of the file, Lonsdale allow our Clients to transfer the burden of handling, negotiation and control of the claim to our team. Our team has maintained a network of contacts with both national and international service providers to enable us to streamline the process to the benefit of all parties.

Edmund's experience is predominantly as a Lloyd's broker dealing with North American wholesale and retail brokers. Risk placements are varied from either direct, or through binders, Lineslips and on-line trading systems. Edmund can offer primary or excess layers into Lloyd's via syndicates, and in some classes he can also gain access to the company market. Where required, Edmund can also be a "facilitator" with other specialised brokers into the London market to provide tailor-made solutions for your insurance requests.

Lonsdale Insurance Brokers Limited considers itself as one of the leading Lloyd's brokers involved in all classes of Warranty and associated products such as Gap insurance (Guaranteed Asset Protection). Our experience and client list include both Major Manufacturers and dealership groups for both Warranty and Extended Warranty and includes automobiles, marine engines and appliance products. We have experience on a worldwide basis and are involved in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, China and Asia.

Keith Cordwell has many years' experience providing various types of Surety Bonds to clients in Europe and overseas. We are able to offer a wide range of Surety Bonds, particularly for the Construction Industry including Construction Performance Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Bid Bonds, Retention and Maintenance Bonds. A Construction Performance Bond is a Surety Bond issued by an insurance company or a bank to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project by a Contractor. Example: A Contractor may be required to obtain a Performance Bond to be issued in favour of an Employer for whom the Contractor is constructing a building project.

Lonsdale Insurance Brokers want to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. If you are not satisfied with the level of service provided by us, we will try to resolve this as soon as possible. Details of the Lloyd's complaints procedure are set out in the leaflet "Your Complaint - How We Can Help" available at the above web address. Submitting your complaint to the Lloyd's complaints team will not affect your right to use Financial Ombudsman (FOS) as outlined below, if eligible, should you not be satisfied with Lloyd's response.