At Insurance Services (GB) Limited, we have over 25 years of combined insurance experience. We are a broker who puts customer service first. We can take care of all aspects of your insurance requirements including initial quotations, policy issue, renewal quotation and claims assistance, as required. Our strategy is to offer General Insurance products together with a personal service, largely to commercial and business clients but also for individuals.

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At Insure Smart, we provide trusted insurance for our UK-wide clients. From humble beginnings, we have grown into a respected insurance broker, working tirelessly to deliver truly dependable cover, from insurance for your business to an array of personal cover. Whatever your insurance needs, we're certain we can help you. From insurance for those in industries such as hospitality, construction or retail, to personal insurance for your car, home or travel. We started out in a small office above a High Street bank.

Established in 2004, we offer a range of bespoke insurance for business and personalclients; delivered with trust, integrity and simplicity. We strive to put you first in all that we do, from initial quotes, policy issue, renewal and claims. Always have, always will. We first started out as a small family-run business. Though we've grown since, more than half of the team are family, and we endeavour to honour our humble start by specialising in the support of small to medium-sized businesses. We pride ourselves on arranging bespoke, independent insurance options which are unique to you.

Having graduated from Napier University in 2003 with BAin Business Studies, Amir went on to become Director at Insure Smart in 2004, with help from his late brother and Insure Smart co-founder, Athar, who sadly passed away in 2006. Amir's background is in retail, giving him insight into the day-to-day running of small and medium-sized businesses. Ian has spent most of his life in insurance, earning an Advanced Diploma in Insurance and becoming a Chartered Insurance Broker along the way. Ian started the business with Athar in 2004 and has seen it grow to the company we know today.

Travel Insurance is designed to protect those travelling to other countries and can be tailored to protect any type of traveller travelling to any country on, no matter what kind of trip you are on. Probably too often, travel insurance is bought at the last minute for the cheapest available rate, sometimes just before travellers board their plane. Whilst this is great for flexibility, it's not so great for practicality as these types of policies don't always cover the traveller's full intentions and are seldom formed with transparency in mind.

Tradesman Insurance looks to support the everyday work of tradesman from the ever-present risks that you may face. It doesn't matter whether you're a sole trader, have a few labourers or are a medium-sized firm with several employees, we can help you. When you think about it, tradesmen of all specialisms face continuous dangers throughout every job they take on. Some insurance features may be a legal requirement-if you employ others, for instance-whilst others could simply relieve some stress, such as cover in case your tools are stolen or your van is hit whilst parked.

When working in the beauty treatment business, it can be difficult to source an insurer who fully understands new and upcoming treatments and the risks involved. Without the right protection in place, if something goes wrong, you could be held responsible. At Insure Smart, we have worked with beauticians offering a range of treatments, from hairdressers and make-up artists to those carrying out cosmetic procedures such as Botox and Hyaluron Pen Phinjections. We have strong relationships with leading insurers who understand the beauty industry, allowing us to offer competitive, market-leading protection.

Office Insurance seeks to provide those who work from offices all of the necessary cover, together with any optional extras that are relevant to you. Offices come in all shapes and sizes, from large-scales units which cover multiple floors to home offices for sole traders. Since every office is different, your insurance policy should reflect this. A full assessment of your office could reveal a multitude of risks you probably never considered. What if your equipment fails? Think of the possible loss whilst your systems are down.

Hotel Insurance aims to provide the necessary support to hotels and guesthouses under one unified policy. Most hotels are very busy places with guests coming in and out morning, noon and night. As such, it's often difficult trying to understand the full extent of the risks you may come up against. Our dedicated team at Insure Smart know that each and every hotel is unique in the way it operates. Whether you own a single hotel or have a portfolio of several dotted around the country, we work harder to ensure every aspect of your business has been considered.