People often try to act as their own insurance experts and arrange policies themselves, spending hours browsing the internet or phoning around different companies. Why settle for cover offered by just one company, when we can give you access to the best on the market' Hinks Insurance is a leading Insurance Intermediary and has been established since 1930. Our company has enjoyed rapid growth and today manages a large portfolio of clients throughout the UK.

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  City Kingston upon Hull
  Postcode HU2 8JU
  Address 16 Wright St
  Phone Number 014 8232 3424

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Based in Hull, East Yorkshire, Hinks Insurance has been supporting businesses and individuals since 1930 with local knowledge, personal service and competitive quotes. Though we may be a local broker, our reach is significant thanks to our membership of Broker Network, the UK's leading network of independent brokers. This membership grants us huge buying power with insurance companies, enabling us to negotiate the best cover at the best price for you, while maintaining our independence. We provide all our clients with a dedicated account adviser who will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the right cover, as well as offering you advice on risk mitigation and attending insurer surveys if needed.

Motor Trade Insurance is designed for businesses that buy, sell, repair, service or manufacture vehicles or their accessories, and provides essential cover for mechanics, car dealers, valets, vehicle assessors and more. Whatever the size and speciality of your motor trade business, we could help support you by searching for effective protection that keeps your business and the vehicles it handles legal and protected. We'll provide you with cover that fits your requirements, giving you the protection you need without any unwanted expense.

Transporting goods overseas carries all sorts of risks. Adverse weather or a shipping accident could result in damaged or lost stock, while delays, theft, and loading accidents could all impact negatively on your vehicles, your goods and your business. A Marine Insurance policy helps protect your goods as they travel by boat, both in port and on the open seas. At Hinks, we can arrange a policy to suit your needs, taking into account the size, distance and nature of your delivery to ensure you have the right level of protection.

There's often a great deal of sentimental and financial value in unique and specialist assets, yet, this means they can sometimes be difficult to insure. We believe in arranging a policy that's tailored to be as unique as your treasured possessions. Whether you're looking to cover your high value property, your one-of-a-kind motor or your personal boat, we can find you cover that suits the nature and value of your assets. It's important to find a policy that widely protects your items so you're not left underinsured should you need to make a claim.

When entering a business contract, after we've completed the necessary credential checks, we often don't think twice about whether our clients will be able to honour their payments or not. However, if your customers were to fall on unexpected hard times, which meant they were unable to pay their invoices, this could have a huge financial impact on your company. One unpaid invoice could be all it takes to put your business in the danger zone. We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances happen, which could result in your clients failing to make payments, from insolvency and termination of employment to natural disasters or political events.

As companies become more reliant on the internet, they also become more vulnerable to the negative effects of cybercrime. A cyber attack or malware could have a huge impact on any business that uses the internet to trade or computers to store information. Websites could be compromised resulting in a loss of business, important data could be destroyed, computing equipment could be damaged and private information could be stolen. As well as interrupting your ability to do business, you may be forced to repair or replace damaged equipment and may even have to pay out damages to any individuals who have had their private information compromised, all of which could result in huge financial expense.

Motor Fleet Insurance is designed to cover all of your business vehicles in one convenient policy, cutting down on paperwork and saving you money. Motor Fleet Insurance can cover all of your commercial vehicles in one easy-to-manage policy while still remaining flexible. Your vehicles can have the same cover or a variety of different cover options while cars, vans and more can all be included. If your business has multiple vehicles, Fleet Insurance is usually more time-effective and cost-effective than having numerous individual motor insurance policies.

Home is where the heart is and it's important that what's close to your heart is fully protected. Theft, fire, flooding and more could all have devastating effects upon your home itself, your belongings and your finances. At Hinks, we understand the importance of protecting what matters most to you by providing effective Household Insurance. Our team will work with you to arrange a policy that fits your home and covers your specific needs, ensuring you have protection you can count on. Whatever your needs, we'll ensure you have the right level of cover so you can rest easy knowing your home and your belongings have the protection they need.