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Buying insurance is a noisy business. There is no shortage of organisations shouting how good they are at you from Internet search engines. Plenty more are bellowing out about the excellence of their service from the pages of daily newspapers or screaming out from televisions and radios about the brilliance of their policy cover. No wonder buying insurance can give you a headache. Well, we recognise that what you really want is someone to listen to your needs and quietly go about looking for the right solutions for you.

Academy Insurance is a privately owned insurance broker and we are very proud of our independence. We don't have institutional investors to please, which means we can concentrate on our customers. And, we have quite a few. Annually we look after the insurance needs of over 60,000 customers, across our branch network, providing protection for all the things they hold dear. Another great thing about being independent is that we have access to literally hundreds of products. That means choice, lots of it.

Caravan holidays have come a long way since Harrods used to rent them out to customers at the turn of the 20th century. Whether you tow yours behind your car or travel to a static one on a site, caravan ownership has never been so high. Caravan specifications have changed too, and nowadays they offer all the comforts of home with fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms. Ownership these days represents quite a considerable outlay and that investment needs to be protected. We have been providing caravan insurance to our customers for many years and can make sure you get a competitive policy with the right cover.

We have a confession to make. We are an SME. Small to medium sized enterprises are the backbone of the country's economy and we know as well as anyone the pressure they are under. Insurance is simply part of a long list of things that need to be sorted out when you run your own business. We make sure you get the protection you and your business needs. Whether you're a shop owner, run a hotel, or a self-employed tradesman, whatever you do you will need the right advice. We concentrate on sole traders and SMEs because it is the market we know best.

Single Trip Travel Insurance can be tailored to your holiday, or why not consider an Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance policy? If you are taking more than two holidays in a year, annual insurance could save you money. Our Premier policies include Scheduled Airline Failure cover, perfect for a stress free holiday. Travelling for more than two months at a time? Our Long Stay or Backpacking Travel Insurance provides cover for up to 365 days and included the flexibility of returning home during the period of cover.

Academy Insurance offers a range of fleet insurance policies. Our fleet cover is designed to save you time and money and provide exactly the right type of cover for your fleet. Academy can provide insurance for any size of fleet and any type of vehicles. Our fleet insurance experts work with a panel of leading insurers to deliver tailored fleet cover to any size of fleet with any mix of vehicles. Getting a fleet insurance quote from Academy is simple. All we need is your schedule of vehicles and your official claims experience.

Considering the amount of time we spend in our cars these days it's a good idea to get the right insurance cover. But where do you start? The first thing you need to know is that there are nearly as many moving parts in a car insurance quote as there are in your car engine. What type of car it is, how you use it, who drives it, how old it is, how old you are can all make a significant difference to the price you pay. You don't expect to become an expert in conveyancing when you buy a house, so why become an insurance broker when you buy your car insurance?

For most people their home is the biggest investment they will ever make and the things they keep in it are their most prized possessions. It makes sense to protect them. Home insurance policies are like houses, they come in all shapes and sizes and the cover they offer is as diverse as the possessions people own. Household insurances may look the same from the outside but step past the glossy brochure cover and you'll find reams of terms and conditions that can make you think you've walked into a maze.